Local SEO in Kelowna

Gain visibility in local search results and get in front of more customers

Gain visibility in local search results and get in front of more customers

When your customers search for your services online, does Google show them your business or a competitor’s?

We are a Kelowna SEO company that can help you rank higher.

Kelowna SEO Marketing

Our local SEO services are designed for your small Kelowna business

When you’re searching for local services in your area, who do you most often turn to?

Aside from relying on friends and family, the answer is most likely Google. 46% of all Google searches are local searches, showing just how powerful it is at connecting people with trusted recommendations.

Our local SEO services put your business in the spotlight of local search results. We make sure your brand not only pops up but stands out, so when your customers are on the lookout for services, you’re the first choice that comes to mind.

SEO Services We Provide In Kelowna

Competition Analysis

Understand how your local competitors attract online attention, so you can stand out and draw customers to your business.

Keyword Research & Tracking

Identify and monitor the words your potential customers use online, helping you adjust your website content to attract the right audience.

Link Audit & Analysis

Check the health of the links to your site, ensuring they're strong and working in your favour, not hindering your online presence.

Quality Backlinks

Build connections with other reputable websites to boost your own site's credibility and appear higher in search results.


Ensure your business details are consistent across online platforms and local directories to improve your local search ranking.

On-Page Optimization

Tweak your website pages to make sure search engines understand what you offer, making it easier for potential customers to find you. URL, SEO title, header tags, meta descriptions and alt tags

site Content Analysis & Creation

Review and improve the information on your site about the services you offer, the locations you serve, and refine your homepage content to make a strong first impression.

Content Roadmap

Plan out what content you'll create and when, ensuring it aligns with what your customers are searching for online.

Google Tools Integration

(Search Console & Analytics): Use Google's tools to check how your business appears in online searches, gain insights into website visits, and address any issues to improve your online presence.

Page Speed Audit & Optimization

Assess how quickly your website pages load, ensuring a smooth online experience for visitors. Improve your website's speed, so visitors don't get frustrated and leave, potentially becoming long-term customers.

Core Web Vitals Audit & Optimization

Evaluate and enhance essential aspects of your website to provide an excellent overall experience for users.

Monthly Reporting

Receive regular reports summarizing your website's performance, giving you insights to make informed decisions for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Local SEO ensures you’re putting your business on the local map. It’s a set of strategies that help your shop, restaurant, or service show up when people nearby search for it online. It ensures your business is easily found by locals on search engines like Google.

Local SEO can range from a couple of hundred to a few thousand dollars a month, depending on your business needs and how competitive your industry is. It’s important to book a discovery call to understand your niche, competitors, and target market before we can provide you with an accurate quote.

SEO usually takes several months to see noticeable results. We focus on the lowest hanging fruit first and work our way up to more difficult tasks over time. Patience is key, but sticking with good SEO strategies and tactics for at least 6-9 months will get you more visibility, more customers, and more loyalty for your local business.

There is a good reason local SEO is such a hot topic, and it’s because it brings high value to local business owners by helping your customers find your business online, bringing in traffic, which in turn boosts your sales. Whether local SEO is worth it for your specific business boils down to asking whether you want to grow your local customer base. We explore that question and possible solutions when you book a discovery call!

Yes, it’s possible to do local SEO even without a website. While we’re always going to recommend you have a website (no matter how small), even with a simple online presence like a Google Business Profile (GBP), you can still get noticed locally.

We always start off with a discovery call to see if your business can benefit from local SEO. Book a call today to see if it’s a good option for your business needs.

Think of SEO as the big picture – it’s about being visible to anyone, anywhere. That type of SEO is best-fit for large,  multi-location, or e-commerce businesses. Local SEO, on the other hand, is best-fit for local small businesses. It’s about being seen by people in your local area when they search for something specific. So, while SEO is global, local SEO is all about your local community.